Prototype Tooling VS Production Tooling

Prototype Tooling VS Production Tooling

The types of tooling services we offer involve a variety of different methods that exist to meet the particular needs of a product and/or component, whether that be for complex fixtures or simple tools that can be mass produced, these different methods aren’t always clear for those looking to manufacture a tool for their specific sector.

The method you choose does depend on certain factors such as; production volume, the complexity of the mould and the material you wish to use. As there are a few paths you could go down to create your component, we want to explain the different ways in which it can be achieved.

Something that is commonly asked: What is Prototype Tooling?

Simply put, production tooling is usually considered if you require a much higher volume of components or parts and the design is fixed and signed off.

Prototype tooling is also useful if you need to test the functionality of your component before you move on to the production side of things, where this would involve much larger volumes of components being made.

Therefore prototype tooling is more suited if you need samples or only parts of a complete product. As part of prototype tooling, factoring in the possibility of a component being altered or changed is usually part of the testing process, which should be identified early before going forward with a final product.

What are some of the main differences between prototype and production tooling?

Aside from the main points we’ve covered above in terms of testing and manufacturing volumes, the production quantity is also considered slightly differently between the two. A prototype tool will usually only be manufactured to be used once or twice with minimum parts being manufactured from the tool on each occasion. Due to this it is a much lower cost than production tooling.

Production tooling is to be used where the design is mostly fixed and repeatable runs are required, often the tool will see out the lifetime of the part manufactured.

Naturally when working with us here at Ansini, we will go through all the processes available to identify the financial opportunities for your mouldings, which will be most cost effective to you.

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