Tooling Services

Ansini has wide-ranging experience and expertise in the design, development and procurement of prototype tools, moulding tools and assembly jigs and fixtures. For clients looking to be more creative with their products, we provide 5-Axis CNC router tooling, which enables increased design complexity and enhanced finishing. 

In addition to producing cost-effective prototype tooling for existing products, we also work from customer designs to create in-house prototype tools and jig manufacturing for the initial development of vacuum formed mouldings and CNC trimmed products.

Our main prototype tooling services include:

  • Prototype tooling development
  • Plastic vacuum forming mould tools
  • Experienced outsourcing and project management
  • Utilisation of existing tooling when resourcing
  • 5 Axis router jig manufacturing
  • MDF – very low volume and prototyping
  • Resin – for low to medium volume
  • Aluminium – high volume and complex applications

For more information about our prototype tooling and jig manufacturing services or to arrange a free consultation to discuss your requirements, please contact Ansini today on 01623 812333 or email

Tooling Materials

Tooling is available in a number of materials, including light grade modelboard for very low volume or prototyping, high grade modelboard for low to medium volume and aluminium for high volume and complex applications. More specialist tooling, including water-cooled solutions, can also be sourced via a number of highly experienced Ansini partners.

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