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Leisure Plastic Manufacturing

Ansini design, manufacture and assemble a wide range of components and products for many companies operating in the fast-growing leisure sector.

Although many new concepts within the leisure industry are pushed towards the injection moulding process, we have demonstrated time and time again the versatility of vacuum forming in the leisure parts manufacturing process – often taking a client’s concept, originally designed as an injection-moulded assembly, and producing the product solely using vacuum forming.

We can not only help product designers to reduce their costs with our leisure plastic manufacturing, but deliver a much better looking product as small adjustments can be made to our machine programmes to get the desired result rather than making expensive tool modifications.

We undertake leisure plastic manufacturing for a wide range of businesses, from gaming and casino machines, coffee machines and sports equipment to the beauty and cosmetics industries and everything else in between.

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Ansini Leisure Products

What leisure products can be manufactured with plastics?

  • Canoe seating
  • Diving equipment
  • Playground equipment
  • Gym equipment
  • Beauty and cosmetics products and packaging
  • Coffee and Vending Machines
  • Sewing Machines


Fake Bake Tanning Portable Machine

Plastic Leisure Products Case Study – Fake Bake Spray Tan Station

Fake Bake UK wanted to revolutionise the spray tan market with the development and launch of a ground breaking application system. Working closely with their product design and engineering consultancy, 4C Design, we brought about significant cost savings by manufacturing the whole project using plastic vacuum forming, as opposed to the consultancy’s original idea of using injection moulding.

We also helped 4C Design realise their concept by manufacturing and assembling a bill of materials, of close to a 100 parts, into a more atheistically pleasing product. With this being a new concept, vacuum forming was an ideal choice, as any subtle changes could be made by small adjustments to machine programmes, rather than going to great expense making costly tool modifications.

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