Spiral tree guards ensure that young trees and saplings are protected from damage by pests and herbicides. Ansini manufacture this product from parts of their plastic waste. The PVC gradually breaks down, which means that Ansini’s spiral tree guards are n

Spiral Tree Guard

The Spiral Tree Guard is manufactured from 100% recycled PVC, which is a waste material generated by our production of plastic packaging. It offers simple, cost-effective protection for vulnerable young trees and saplings against a number of common pests and the detrimental effects of systemic herbicides.

PVC is a durable, long-lasting plastic that provides four-season protection to a tree, even at high UV exposure levels. Because the PVC we use is photodegradable, over the years it will gradually break down into minute, inert particles which will not harm the soil around the tree. Ventilation holes can be added to Spiral Tree Guards at no extra cost. These holes promote the faster development of young trees and reduce the effects of mildew and leaf burn.

The Spiral Tree Guard comes in a choice of lengths and diameters to suit every forestry or landscape planting project, whatever the scale. There are four different colours available too - a clear version to enhance growth and white, green and brown versions which offer varying degrees of UV protection.

If you would like to find out more, including pricing and ordering information, just go to www.spiraltreeguard.com

  • Ansini’s spiral tree guards are a registered brand. They are produced in a number of lengths and colour options. Venting holes can be added, too. The products can be directly purchased from the manufacturer. It protects the tree and the environment at the