We produce many products for farming and gardening. One of our specialities are exterior plastic panels and further spare parts for ride-on lawnmowers.


Meeting increased demand from within the agriculture sector, we supply and manufacture a wide variety of advanced, high-performance, vacuum-formed plastic components specifically for this market.

Clients benefit from our extensive, up-to-date knowledge of new materials and many years’ experience of producing plastic vacuum-formed products for other sectors. This enables us to offer them vacuum-forming as a viable, cost-effective alternative for products which, ordinarily, would be injection moulded, thus incurring additional expense.

  • Spare parts and components for lawnmowers and tractors are made in Mansfield. Ansini manufacture for instance body panels and dashboards from plastic by means of vacuum forming, plastic injection moulding and routing.

We currently produce an extensive range of mouldings and products for the agriculture sector, including:

  • Ride-on lawnmower panels
  • Machinery parts and spares
  • Tractor interior and exterior body mouldings
  • Hydroponics growing kits
  • Irrigation systems
  • Propagators
  • Compost bins