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Ansini & Athlone Extrusions – Over 25 Years & Going Strong

Material supply has always been a key to success at Ansini. High quality, consistency, affordability, flexibility, innovation and reliability are all words that can be used to describe the, now over 25-year, partnership between Ansini and Athlone Extrusions.

It is vital that material is there when you need it and that it handles and performs exactly as required. And this can be said of Athlone Extrusions and their service providing an ever expanding range of HIPS, ABS and PMMA/ABS sheets to Ansini.

Athlone Extrusions, based in the Republic of Ireland, was founded in 1971 and today boasts a 14 000 sq mtr factory, with 14 extrusion lines producing 28 000 tonnes of thermoplastic sheet, and employing 180 staff.

Athlone Extrusions continues to specialise in HIPS and ABS. Co-extrusion and multi-layer technology adds laminates, soft-touch and acrylic-capped UV protected sheets to the overall range. A range that includes endless permutations of thickness and sheet size variation, standard and bespoke colours, 18 emboss effects, ignition resistant and exterior grades HIPS, high heat stabilised or decorative finished ABS, as well as frosted and metallic grades of PMMA/ABS.

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Continuous improvement and investment pushes the award winning Athlone Extrusions company. Recycling is also at the heart of Ansini and Athlone Extrusions mission statements. Athlone Extrusions’ ISO14001 accreditation recognising their environmental policy. Ansini makes every use of recycled grades of HIPS and ABS wherever possible and ensures that factory waste is segregated, re-packed and put back into the manufacturing chain.

Whatever your HIPS or ABS requirement Ansini has it covered. Here’s to another 25-years of partnership between Ansini and Athlone Extrusions.

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