Ansini Sticking with 3M TM Tapes

Ansini has been using 3M TM tapes for kit assemblies and fabricated thermoformed parts for over 30-years.

The latest 3M TM VHB TM 4932P self-adhesive tape is fast and easy to use, pressure sensitive, allows immediate permanent bonding, and offers high strength and long-term durability.

3M TM VHB TM 4932P is specifically designed for use with thermoplastics and offers Ansini alternatives to mechanical fasteners and liquid adhesives. Whilst also eliminating drilling, grinding, refinishing, screwing, and welding.

3M TM VHB TM  4932P high dynamic stress absorption reduces vibration and impact stress. 3M TM VHB TM 4932P creates a permanent seal against water and moisture.

For more information or to request a data sheet on 3M TM VHB TM 4932P tape please contact our team.

3M TM VHB TM 4932P self-adhesive tape

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