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KYDEX Sheet Leads the Way

KYDEX thermoplastic sheet is a blend of acrylic and polyvinyl chloride first produced by Rohm and Haas in 1965 and designed to be used for aircraft interiors. Today manufacturing of KYDEX is by the company Sekisui SPI.

The blend of the two polymers gives the KYDEX thermoplastic sheet unique properties. The acrylic gives the material rigidity and formability whilst the polyvinyl chloride gives it toughness and chemical resistance.

The KYDEX range is vast with over 40 grades of sheet, unique colours and finishes, and sheet thicknesses ranging from 0.028” (0.71mm) up to 0.5” (12.7mm).

The relatively hard surface of KYDEX (90 on the Rockwell R scale) combined with a range of textured finishes offers abrasion resistance. The combination of polymers gives KYDEX low flammability (UL-94 Classification V-0). And it is these key features that make KYDEX a world leading material for use in aviation, mass transit, and building interiors.

The extensive KYDEX range includes medical, weatherability, high heat distortion, and light reflective sheets. Along with recycled, metal surfaced and woodgrain effect grades.

KYDEX has become a world leading thermoplastic material for aviation interiors, mass transit interiors, building interiors, medical device components, electrical equipment housing, and sign and display products.

Could Ansini help you with your next project?

Ansini has over 15-years thermoforming experience with KYDEX sheet. KYDEX is an excellent material to vacuum form offering ease of formability and the ability to create excellent definition.

Using Ansini’s 5-axis CNC routing and finishing machines KYDEX can be easily trimmed, drilled and slotted to create high precision details.

Ansini works in partnership with Sekisui SPI, James Latham (the UK’s largest independent distributor of timber, panel and decorative surfaces) and alongside aircraft interior manufacturers to source material and to create the UK’s highest quality vacuum formed KYDEX parts.

For more information about KYDEX, read our Complete Guide to Vacuum Forming or feel free to contact our team.

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